CCP Presets: The Mini-Course by Crystal Hollman

CCP Presets: The Mini-Course

This Presets Bundle is taking it a step further!

Having a preset is a great step in the direction of getting your images more consistent when it comes to the lighting and coloring you want to have. This bundle gives you the basics guide for the presets and installation. You also get 2 MOBILE and 2 DESKTOP Lightroom Presets so whether you're on the go or working from home you can make your lifestyle and flat lay images picture perfect for social media!

What's included?

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The Guidebook
Preset Info - The Guidebook!! .pdf
10.9 MB
Presets Video
12 mins
CCP Indoor White Studio - Mobile.dng
27 MB
CCP Indoor White Studio.xmp
4.88 KB
CCP Light and Clear Preset.xmp
4.86 KB
CCP Light and Clear Preset - Mobile.dng
25.5 MB
The Legal Stuff
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