Create Your Content Kit!


The Create Your Content Kit is an excellent tool for the business owner who is looking to develop:
  • Ideas and Content from Scratch!
  • Expand the Content Across Multiple Platforms
  • Gather Photoshoot Concepts 
  • How to Coordinate Their Brand Colors
  • How to Develop a Shot List to Get The Photos They Need
  • Write Captions that Sell!
  • And... Plan their Content on Their Own Terms
The kid isn't just any course, its a routine, habit or process that you can lay out for your business and repeat over and over again. So whether you schedule content by the week, month or quarter you can get your content under control and target to reach your ideal audience!

What's included?

Video Icon 4 videos File Icon 5 files Text Icon 5 text files


Welcome, Let's Get Started!
Introduction - Create Your Content Kit.mp4
6 mins
Your Tools! Part One
Time To Get Started!
Lay the Content Foundation - CYC Kit.mp4
9 mins
CYC Kit - PDF.pdf
14.9 MB
Your Tools! Part Two
Raise your hand if writing captions is something you run from!! Ah!
Beau&Arrow Content&Copy Workbook.pdf
3.35 MB
Your Tools! Part Three
Next up...
CrystalClearCreativeStudios - Styling Guide.pdf
6.85 MB
CrystalClearCreative Studios - Props&Palettes Guide.pdf
6.82 MB
Build A Shot List Video!! Part Four
What is a shot list, the need to know?!
Create Your Content Kit - Evergreen Shot List - Sheet 1.pdf
4.89 MB
Shot List - Learn More About It!
11 mins
Bring it all together!
End of the CYC Kit.mp4
3 mins
The Legal Stuff
The Legal Stuff!