The Flatlay Method by Crystal Hollman

The Flatlay Method

The flatlay basics that are anything BUT basic!

The Flatlay Method Ecourse - See what it is all about!

The Flatlay Method Ecourse has been featured in over 4 different course bundles over the last year and is climbing with over 5000 enrollees! See what they have to say about the e-course and how it changed their thought process around camera basics, basic setups and styling. Through step by step details, outlines, quizzes and homework, photographing your products or any flat lays just got easier! 

Here what the other students are saying!

"This course helped me understand how to curate photos to meet my goals for marketing, how to choose items that relay a message and practical steps to take the best photos!"
"This is not basic at all. I meant it's is for beginner, those who has no idea how to start, what to shoot, how to take flatlay photos, this course is amazing! Crystal explain things in a way that is in bite sized chunks so it's easy for me to learn step by step. I cannot recommend this course enough."
"Amazing! The course is simple yet very effective. It has helped bring confidence in how I create flatlays and showed beautifully how to plan and execute."
"Got me more likes on my IG! This course helped my social media pages and helped me realize a style and the prep that goes into flatlay photos. This will help me build content on my social media pages."
"The course was extremely practical. Thanks so much for breaking this down in such a simple, organized way!"

What's included?

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Welcome to the Flatlay Method
See a sneak peak of what this course is all about!
1 min
Meet Crystal
1 min
The Overview: What You're About To Learn
What You Need for the Course
Beginning Survey
Camera Basics
Review the Digital Camera Basics
The Phone Camera Basics
Camera Basics: Quiz
Camera Basics Homework
Flatlay and Stock Photo Basics
Background Information
Flatlay Styles
How Flatlays are Used
Stock and Flatlay Basics Quiz
Stock and Flatlay Basics Homework
Flatlay Items
Inspiration and Shopping
8 mins
Prop Tips
Flatlay Items Quiz
Flatlay Items Homework
Styling Your Flatlay
Focal Point
2/3 Rule
Styling Your Flatlay Quiz
Styling Your Flatlay Homework
Flatlay Shoot Setup
Background Setup
Lighting Tips
Flatlay Shoot Setup: Quiz
Flatlay Shoot Setup Homework
Planning Photo Concepts
Example Business
How To Steps
Photo Concept Planning Worksheet
585 KB
Planning Photo Concepts: Quiz
Planning Photo Concepts Homework
The Photo Shoot
Crystal's Flatlay Photo Shoot
14 mins
The Photo Shoot Homework
What to Do After You Know How to Shoot Flatlays
Tips for Continued Flatlay Creation
Mentor Sessions
More Resources for You
Thank You!
1 min
Completion Survey
Course Launch Bonuses!
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Christi Cooper - Key Elements of a Successful Sales Page PDF
Paigon Davis - 40% off Get Confident Creating YouTube Videos
Jen Conger - Marketing Plan PDF
Zoe Linda - Affiliate Management Spreadsheet PDF
Jenny Alton - $30 Website Review
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